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Sooper Books

Sooper Books is an award-winning digital story and audiobook platform. Read or listen to hundreds of stories including original series and rhymes as well as modern remakes of classic fairy tales and fables.


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Grand Junction

Grand Junction is a venue for community, arts and culture based at St Mary Magdalene Church. They provide an array of high quality arts provision, from workshops to performances for local children and families.


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Mathletics - online

Every child in KS2 has a login for Mathletics, a fun way of practising and developing new maths skills. This is a great way to help develop children's problem solving skills and speed with mental calculations.



Department for Education

Visit this website to find out about different schools, statutory guidance and school league tables.




Maths Zone - online

Practise any area of the maths curriculum using a wide variety of fun games.



Church website

Click to find out more about the beautiful church overlooking the canal which joins to our school


Parent view

Ofsted Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child’s school, from the quality of teaching to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.


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Fareshare in conjunction with Tesco

We have joined a food program through Fareshare in conjunction with Tesco.

What this means is that instead of throwing away perfectly good bakery goods, mainly bread and rolls, they are given to the school. Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school we have the excess bakery products out in the car park for parents to enjoy.

We have an HONESTY BOX for people to donate however much they can and take away some bakery products.



Internet Safety

Come in to find the latest information on the sites you like to visit, mobiles and new technology. Find out what’s good, what’s not and what you can do about it. If you look after young people there’s an area for you too – with resources you can use in the classroom or at home. Most importantly, there’s also a place which anyone can use to report if they feel uncomfortable or worried about someone they are chatting to online. All the information here is brought to you by the team at the NCA's CEOP Command. We hope you like it!



Open Check - school status

OpenCheck for Parents: OpenCheck allows you to check the status of your children's school on any given day. This easy-to-use service presents information regarding school closures in case of emergency, severe weather or any news which may affect children's ability to attend or access the school. It also allows you to check scheduled school closures and term dates.



Manga High - maths online

Game-based maths to inspire your children.


Maths at home 1

Support for busy parents

The Maths at home resource was designed by teachers at Anson Primary School in Brent.

Since 2008, the school has been working on supporting parents through video technology; the results of this work has seen standards rise year on year throughout the school.

Harnessing the relationship between the school, the child and their parents, as well as extending learning beyond the classroom, is crucial in ensuring every child makes progress at school.

The resource is closely mapped to the National Curriculum, with every NC statement scripted into a short, clear video to demonstrate how the subject is taught in schools, and to give parents fun ideas for using objects in the home to support their child!

Maths at home videos are designed to feel like they are taking place on a table at home, encouraging communication, conversation and lots of fun while working on them.


City 2

Westminster - local council

Everything you need to know about Early Years services, schools, adult education and school admissions in Westminster.

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