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Friday 4th November (3rd Blog)

My Name is Hermonhill and I am in Year 4. I wanted to be a part of school council because I want to help other children and make the school an even better experience.

School council are going to help the local community environment this year. We are supporting the work of the Canal and River Trust. We will be meeting the project coordinator Susannah Miller in 2 weeks to see where and how we can help.

We are holding a Christmas Bake on the 8th December before the Nativity Play and there will be 3 raffle prizes to win. Watch this space!!

‘Keep positive in your Work and Learning’

By Hermonhill Year 3


30th September 2016 (2nd Blog)

During this meeting we discussed playground equipment, future events for fund raising, how to support our local community. Our main concern this meeting was the new equipment that was bought for the school by school council last year which is being looked after my Ms Agastino. She will always be downstairs if we need her.

We are going to plan an assembly looking at ‘how to care for the equipment’ (article 24), because children are not looking after the toys properly.

We agreed that every school councillor would do a survey in their class. The survey will be about how we can help the children to care for the equipment.

By Amel, Year 3


16th September 2016 (1st Blog)

Welcome back to a new school Year 2016/2017

Over the past few weeks we have been very busy setting up the new school council group.

Children have been campaigning and voting for the new school member (Article 13 – Freedom of expression)
In year 6 we have Dania, Carmen, Bodhi and Ahmad; in year 5 – Madiha and Eris; in year 4 – Athena and Hermanhill; in year 3 – Amel and Hassan.

School Council will be meeting fortnightly.


6th May 2016 (4th Blog)

Dear Students,

What’s been happening:

We followed through with our objectives and elected the following playground equipment monitors:

We have elected the following children from Y3: Christopher and Nour. Christopher has a loud and proud voice and defends people. He is brave and will make sure that playground equipment will be used properly. Nour always tells the truth and stands up to her friends if needed. She is known to be honest and kind.

We have elected the following children from Y4: Aya and Ayoka. Aya because she is very brave, she always knows what she is doing, and she does what she has been told to do. Whenever anyone behaves badly she reminds them how to behave whilst always using her manners. Ayoka is very good because she stands up to people when they are not doing the right thing which also shows bravery and confidence.

All four of our newly elected Year 3 and Year 4 Monitors are brave, kind, caring and honest.

EQUIPMENT! In our last council meeting we ordered the double shed and new equipment: wooden jenga, plastic noughts and crosses, skittles, domino set, 2 buckets of chalk, 2 go-go’s, 2 plasma cars and 2 rolling wheels.

What to look out for next week:

We will have elected the playground equipment monitors from Years 5 and 6 and will announce them in our next blog. Thank you for reading and please share any thoughts or ideas with us.

SCHOOL COUNCIL MESSAGE THIS WEEK: We all have the right to be heard and all have the right to be safe. So please try to treat others with respect and treat others how you wish to be treated. This blog post was written by Joyce and Ali-I (Year 4) and Hadi and Rana (Year 3). We take turns to blog every week.

28th April 2016 (3rd Blog)

Dear Students,

What’s been happening:

We will be electing equipment monitors and ordering the new toys for the playground soon. The School Council has been discussing how to elect our monitors from classes to take on the job of monitoring break time and the use of toys.

Student equipment monitors should have the following qualities: bravery, kindness, friendship and care. We will also be trying to arrange a timetable to organise play to make it easier for our monitors.

What to look out for next week:

Tuesday we will be informing the classes on how the vote will be taking place. By Wednesday you can stand up and nominate yourself for equipment monitor. We need candidates from each of the following year groups: 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2. Classes will vote for the top 2 from each class! This will be a silent vote and our new elected monitors will still be able to play.

SCHOOL COUNCIL MESSAGE THIS WEEK: Students should be sensible with school equipment and be responsible for our school. This blog post was written by Alex (Year 6). We take turns to blog every week.


Friday 22nd April (2nd Blog)

Dear school students,

Recently we have completed the survey to see what playground equipment students will like to have. Everybody in the school council went to their class and one class in key stage 1, and asked students to choose from a range of items on a sheet.

The experiences of carrying out the survey was fun, interesting and surprising because there were a lot of things chosen which were unexpected. Before we reveal the results of the survey, here is some extra news!

After school clubs will be matching the amount raised during the bake sale and raffle ticket sales. So we now have £847.80 to spend on playground equipment. Once we know the most popular items, voted by the children of the school, we need to choose which are the most affordable.

The survey results of the most popular items is as follows:

  • Go-Go
  • Rolling Ring
  • Giant skittles
  • Plasma car
  • Urban noise maker
  • Steering wheel & Telescope – the reason we will need these 2 items is because we will be creating some kind of vehicle ourselves in the playground for all the children to play with.
  • We will be adding ping-pong balls and chalk also.

Once we have this new equipment, we will also need monitors to make sure the playground is safe and free from vandalism. So we will be electing school playground monitors next week. Our next blog will reveal who has been elected as the new brave and responsible playground monitors.

On behalf of the student council I would like to say … being a student at our school is about learning and having fun, but making sure we are responsible and kind towards others. This blog post was written by Dylan (Year 6) and we will be taking turns to blog every week that we meet.

Friday 15th April

Welcome back. We are the student council and we want to tell you about what we’ve been up to. This is the first student council blog post and we hope you enjoy it.

Before Easter we had a bake sale and we sold raffle tickets. We managed to raise a total of £423 after we donated £50 towards the rainforest!

Right now we are planning to carry out a survey to find out what kind of equipment you guys would like for the playground. We will be asking all classes shortly to choose from a list of equipment.

We have realised that our equipment is not being respected and to protect our equipment we are going to have playground monitors who will determine if students are keeping their promise to look after our toys.
How will we choose our playground monitors?

Each class will nominate brave and outspoken classmates who will not be afraid to tell anyone to stop disrespecting our equipment. We have raised this money and it would be a shame if it went to waste.

On behalf of the student council I would like to say … do not be afraid to talk to your voices of the school and remember every idea is a good idea!

This post was written by Jazmin (Year 6) and we will be taking turns to blog every week that we meet.

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